World first satellite DMB data broadcasting from Korea

20070306.jpgTU Media Korea will start data broadcasting through satellite DMB from March 12. Therefore, TPEG, real-time transportation information service can be used in satellite DMB.Once TU Media starts TPEG service for satellite DMB, it will launch ‘TU Ride On,’ a service brand exclusively for customers using car-use terminals ‘HyOn-Duo,’ a car-use terminal mounted with navigation and data broadcasting functions onto the satellite and terrestrial DMB services. Using this integrated DMB terminal, people can watch 35 channels of satellite DMB service and the programs of all three terrestrial DMB companies. Especially, with a realization of screen division function, satellite DMB and terrestrial DMB programs are enabled to be simultaneously viewed. TU Media provides one of the fastest real-time traffic information in Korea.

TU Media’s TPEG service (TU TPEG) is composed of two main services: ‘real-time fast traffic guide,’ which shows the fastest way considering traffic congestion status and ‘simple map flow information,’ which shows overall road status at a glance.
Source DD News