Sharp T-Series AQUOS LCD TVs World’s First THX certified

Sharp Japan, will introduce two new T Series AQUOS Full-Spec HD 1080p AQUOS LCD TV models in 65V- and 52V-inch screen sizes. These models have acquired certification under the THX Certified Display Program for home theater applications established by THX Ltd., and can replicate in the home a visual environment on a level envisioned by filmmakers. A Double-Speed Advanced Super View LCD Panel equipped with Double-Speed (120-Hz) Full-Spec HD 1080p Technology delivers superior full-motion video performance, including smooth reproduction of fast-motion video. These sets also feature 2500:1 high contrast (Living Room Contrast: 1000:1 ), and can be enjoyed in a wide range of viewing environments, from full-fledged home theaters with subdued lighting to brightly lit living rooms.

Both models are also compatible with AQUOS Fami-link that enables viewers to use the accessory remote control unit to operate a connected AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Player, AQUOS HD Recorder, or AQUOS Audio System. These sets will be available into the Japanese market on a build-to-order basis beginning September 1, 2007.