5 Amazing Facebook Cover Ideas That Make a Great First Impression

Do you want to make your Facebook profile more engaging?

Facebook has over 1.79 billion daily active users. This makes it a great platform for brands to use to market themselves. Many other brands realize this too, though, and will also market their brand on the platform.

This means that you must do anything you can to stand out, and coming up with Facebook cover ideas is a great way to do so. These are the first things that visitors will see when checking out your profile. So, to make them the most engaging cover photos, read what we’ve prepared below.

1. Choose What Appeals to You
There’s no better way to appeal to an audience than by being yourself. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick a cover photo that represents your brand well. This gives the visitors an idea of how your brand functions and what to expect from you.

The first impression of your page will always have a long-term impact on new followers. It needs to resonate with your inner self and have a connection to the user. You can swap your cover photo from time to time to show off new material.

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2. Appeal To Your Audience
On the other hand, you can also choose a Facebook cover that is what your audience will be looking for. This increases the chances of engagement the first time they visit your page as they will know that you have what they want.

This means that you need to do a lot of research to know what your audience wants. The primary factors to consider are their age, interests, and location, too. Incorporating these well into your Facebook cover page design is a great way to catch their attention and engage with them.

3. Keep It Simple
Keep your Facebook cover as clean and as simple as possible. Try not to overdo in making your cover photo. If you put together many elements, it becomes cluttered and distracting.

Don’t add any headline, CTA, text, on the cover photo. The users will not be able to know what message you’re telling. Make your cover photo that has a clear point of focus.

4. Make It Informative
As mentioned above, it’s better to make your cover photos clean and simple. That said, it’s also a good idea to put some informative text to pictures that you want to use. You only need to make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the visitor.

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The point of a cover photo isn’t to force the visitor to read, after all. It’s to make sure that your brand gets its messages across while making sure to engage with your audience.

5. Use Large Photos
Using large photos is a good idea since it ensures that the quality isn’t compressed when it’s on display. You don’t want a pixel-filled photo to represent your brand as it will make you look unprofessional.

With this in mind, make sure that you have an alternative that’s scaled for mobile users. This is important as many users go online through their mobile phones nowadays. Doing this is a great way to prevent them from leaving as soon as they visit your page.

Try Out These Great Facebook Cover Ideas Today
These Facebook cover photo ideas will help you promote your brand and send a clear message to your visitors. Make a great first impression on your Facebook profile today!

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