Analog Devices Othello-3T AD6552 Radio for 3G TD-SCDMA wireless handsets

Analog Devices, Inc. today unveiled the latest addition to its award-winning family of Othello direct conversion radios and its broad TD-SCDMA product portfolio, the Othello-3T AD6552. The Othello-3T AD6552 is ADI’s second-generation radio designed specifically for the 3G TD-SCDMA standard and complements all of the company’s TD-SCDMA baseband chipsets, including SoftFone-LCR and SoftFone-LCR+. The AD6552 simplifies the development of the radio section of 3G wireless handsets by eliminating the SAW (surface acoustic wave) filters that are usually needed in the transmit path, reducing both cost and board space. In addition, the receiver section provides EVM performance that supports the requirements for HSDPA and includes a fully-automatic dc offset control. In addition, the AD6552 integrates virtually all of the necessary components for a handset radio design (VCOs, tank circuits, loop filters and power management) all on a single chip. Component count for a dual-band radio is reduced by almost 40% compared to the previous two-chip Othello-W single-band radio for TD-SCDMA.

Analog Devices is the only company to offer a complete solution for TD-SCDMA and has built a broad portfolio of solutions for the standard over the past few years. Analog Devices Othello-3T AD6552 is sampling now in a 6 mm x 6 mm 40-lead lead-frame chip scale package.