Aston energy saving chip for music phone

MTEKVISION announced today that it has developed an audio exclusive multimedia processor named ‘ASTON’ which is optimized for Music phone. The key competitiveness of ASTON is long-time music playback based on low power consumption feature. Using audio centered multimedia architecture, ASTON has faster progressing speed compared to existing multimedia chip and more than twice of improved power consumption. ASTON’ enables around 40~70 hours playback time using its audio centered multimedia architecture while the existing music phone only supports around 15 hours playback time.

Aston supports various audio codec like MP3 and WMA, and also provides a variety of functions necessary for music phone such as Digital Rights Management (DRM), PlayforSure, USB 2.0 and Media Transport Protocol (MTP).Moreover, ‘ASTON’ can be operated without base-band processor so as to be applied to audio centered portable product such as MP3 player not only to mobile phone.