Asus P526 perfect trendy PDA phone

The Asus P526 offers users a truly integrated device that allows them to enjoy the freedom of mobility without compromising on their ability to access the information they need, when they want it.The rich productivity and multimedia capabilities in Windows Mobile 6 delivers a familiar and rich experience that meets their professional and personal needs while on-the-go. With improved stability and speed and a host of messaging enhancements, the new Windows Mobile 6 Professional advances the Windows Mobile platform to let users enjoy the rich Window Live experience on mobile phones. One of the key features of the Asus P526 is the way it can utilize Windows Live to integrate contacts so that users can see who is (and who isn’t) online at any given time. Users can then share photos and voice clips through instant messengers or e-mail. They can also use the P526 to keep connected to their friends and online communities via blog updates or even upload mobile photo albums with photos taken by the P526’s camera – keeping in touch with friends has never been easier.

news0313200b.jpgUsers of the P526 can also enjoy many convenient features with the integrated Windows Live Smart Dial feature. The Asus P526 is definitely the trendy option for PDA users who want a powerful performance and yet retain a slim and fashionable outlook. This PDA phone is equipped with Quad-band EDGE for faster audio/video streaming, GPS Navigation abilities and contains a host of useful ASUS exclusive software.The Asus P526 is also able to merge Outlook with Windows Live contacts, and have users’ Hotmail or Windows Live mails pushed down automatically. The Asus P735 3G phone originally ships with Windows Mobile 5.0, but new versions with Windows Mobile 6 Professional will be available in mid May.