Asus P835 PDA Phone delivers the best document, photo, movie and website viewing experience possible

The new Asus P835 PDA phone delivers an Internet browsing and multimedia viewing experience without equal. Designed for business-savvy professionals who appreciate a screen as big as their ambitions, the Asus P835 is equipped with a large 3.5” touchscreen that runs at WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution—offering five times the number of pixels of most phones and delivering the best document, photo, movie and website viewing experience possible. The Asus P835 with 5 Megapixel Auto Focus camera boasts features that greatly enrich users’ online experience, including blazing fast HSUPA 7.2Mbps download speeds, a responsive trackball that makes scrolling effortless and Opera Mobile, a user-friendly and full-featured Web browser.

The Asus P835 enables users to switch between 12-key, half-Qwerty and full-Qwerty virtual keyboard modes, allowing them to choose an input method that best suits their current task. The Asus P835 with 4GB Internal Storage + 288MB SDRAM + 256MB ROM has the additional ability to function as a Wi-Fi Access Point. It can share its high-speed HSPA cellular data or Internet connection over Wi-Fi with up to 10 devices, such as laptops or other PDA phones. Asus P835 measures115mm x 59mm x 13.8mm and weigh148g (with 1100mAh Lithium battery).