Asus P 320 mini GPS PDA phone for fashion-conscious

The Asus P 320 mini PDA phone has an impressive array of powerful features. Operating on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional platform and packed full with features such as GPS navigation; EDGE/GPRS and WiFi for Internet access from anywhere; Bluetooth, USB ; 2.0 Mega pixel AF camera and 128 MB Flash ROM + 64 MB DDR RAM. The Asus P320 with 2.6” TFT, Touch Screen 65K color, has a variety of exclusive applications designed for user convenience. With ASUS Today, icons such as time, calendar, messages, weather and the media player can be seen easily in the same window – providing users with easy access to their needed functions. The ASUS RSS Reader, which receives up-to-date information automatically and provides the latest news and blog updates – keeps users update about current events or website updates.

The exceptionally elegant ASUS P320 Mini GPS PDA phone is designed for the fashion-conscious who are constantly admired for their accessories – including their handheld choices. The Asus P320’s presents an ultra compact form that makes it feel almost weightless in a ladies palm. The Asus P320 measures 99 x 54.5 x 13.35 mm and weigh 105g (with battery).

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