ASUS showcases revolutionary mobile handheld products at Computex 2007

Asus_1.jpgAimed to enhance the user’s mobile experience with convenient and practical solutions, ASUS handhelds help deliver complete customer satisfaction through integration with Windows Mobile 6 and 3G technologies. The GPS function of the ASUS P526 is able to plot a route to direct users to the right destination. With a user-friendly interface, users can easily program in the destination and then view directions, the distance traveled, street addresses, and the time and distance left for the journey. With this handy GPS function, users will find it easier to navigate in a foreign country. Additionally, this innovative Asus PDA phone integrates Windows Mobile 6 Professional and allows users to utilize Windows Live functions for instant communication with friends on the Internet, smart searching and smart dial functions.
Asus2.jpgThe ASUS M530 with integrated Windows Mobile 6 standard is able to provide business users with the mobility and the versatility of a mobile office. This powerful Asus smart phone is equipped with a QWERTY keypad for easy and fast text inputs; and innovative windows mobile features allow users to send and receive messages instantly anywhere – providing vital information for users to make important and informed business decisions. Windows Mobile 6 Standard’s biggest benefit is the simplification of ActiveSync – allowing easy transfer of data from the phone to a server. Even if the phone is lost, as long as you still retain the account number, you will be able to transfer the data to another phone – saving you the hassle of reinstalling or re-keying in data.

Asus3.jpgThe ASUS P735 allows users to make full use of its 3G capabilities and integrates network connectivity, video conferencing, multimedia applications and many other business functions. With the P735, no matter where the user is globally, they can always access the information needed for informed business decisions while keeping total control over their personal life on the go. Innovative business functions like the Business Card Recognition function, Meeting Planner and Remote Presenter enhances business faculties with the ability to scan and store business card details directly into contacts, convert 3 different time zones to help plan meetings, and control Powerpoint presentations stored on a notebook via a Bluetooth connection.