AT&T announces Worlds first automatic zero draw charger

AT&T ZERO Charger is the eco-friendly charging solution for mobile phones. Conventional chargers left plugged in – even when not actively charging – can draw as much as 5 to 20 times more energy than stored in the battery. The advanced, energy-saving AT&T ZERO Charger outperforms other chargers by automatically shutting down when not in use.Vampire draw is 100% eliminated and you’ll never have to unplug your charger again. The AT&T ZERO Charger works by automatically sensing when a mobile phone is not plugged up to the charger and cutting the power supply from the wall socket. The AT&T ZERO Charger will make life easier for customers, with a block and cable design for maximum interchangeability, allowing them to use the same charger for future handsets and will, over time, cut the number of chargers produced, thus reducing future landfill waste.

The AT&T ZERO Charger will be sold in packaging with 100% recycled paper. AT&T recently announced a transition to smaller and more eco-friendly packaging for the wireless device accessories sold in AT&T stores. This change will eliminate more than 60 percent of the paper and more than 30 percent of the plastic previously used for AT&T’s accessory products. The AT&T ZERO Charger has a 5-star efficiency rating, which exceeds the standards set by GSMA. The ZERO Charger is AT&T’s first step toward full GSMA compliance. When the AT&T ZERO Charger goes on sale in May, it will cost the same as existing replacement chargers.