Belkin launches stylish cases for iPhone 4

Belkin announced the launch of new stylish cases for the iPhone 4. The Belkin iPhone4 stylish case makes it easier to access and use iPhone no matter how you carry it. Belkin designed cases cater to the different ways an iPhone is carried. Belkin has identified five main ways people carry their iPhone: in a pocket, in the hand, in a bag, on themselves, and while being active. For those carrying their iPhone in their pocket, Belkin’s slim cases are easy to grip, they slide in and out of a pocket smoothly, and they provide impact protection from everyday drops. For those who keep their iPhone in hand at all times, they will appreciate Belkin line of cases that are comfortable to hold, shock-absorbing, and easy to grip.

Belkin has also created cases that make your iPhone easy to find within the interiors of a travel bag or purse and protect it against constant contact with other items. Belkin recognizes that people typically either carry their iPhone or they wear it. To accommodate either person, Belkin offers cases that range from armbands to belt buckles, making the iPhone easy to access for intermittent use. Cases in select styles will be available starting late June 2010 in North America and parts of Europe.