Casio announces G-Shock watches capable of controlling smartphone music players

Casio announced today the release of the GB-6900B/X6900B shock-resistant watches. These new watches feature improved communication that uses Bluetooth v4.0 with low energy wireless technology and is powered by a second-generation engine which enables two-way operability between a paired smartphone and the watch. Users can now control a Smartphone’s music player from the watch, or adjust watch settings from a smartphone. A button on the watch can be used to operate smartphone applications, and a paired smartphone can be used to set features on the watch, such as the timer and alarm.

Casio GB-6900B/X6900B shock-resistant watches are compatible with the following smartphones: iPhone 5/iPhone 4S(iOS6.0~6.1), GALAXY S4 (Android4.2.2). This year, Casio released the GB-5600AB /6900AB watches that can communicate with an iPhone, to enable features such as an audible, vibration or display notification on the watch when there is an incoming call or email, and auto synchronization to time data received from a paired smartphone. The watches grabbed attention among fans of innovative, next-generation time devices.

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