Casio releases iOS apps that let users play musical accompaniment to their favorite songs

Casio announced today that it has developed two iOS apps—Chordana Tap and Chordana Viewer—that let users play musical accompaniment to their favorite songs. The apps are available on the Apple App Store from today. In its continuous effort to bring the fun of music to a wider range of people, Casio has made the most of its electronic musical instrument technologies to develop these two new apps for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Employing Casio’s proprietary Chordana music analysis technology, the apps can detect musical chord progressions by analyzing the frequency characteristics and temporal changes of an audio file.

Users can then play along as an accompanist when playing back songs stored in an iPhone or other device. Chordana Tap works great for people with or without experience playing the keyboard or guitar, enabling them to enjoy accompanying their favorite songs simply by tapping the virtual instruments on the screen. Chordana Viewer helps musicians learn songs on a real-world instrument by reducing the time it takes to learn the chords by ear and making it unnecessary to write them out by hand.

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