Cooler Master introduces Aluminum Bumper iPhone 5 cover made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum

The iPhone 5 has all the caliber of a finely crafted watch. This device requires a cover that’s just as sophisticated. Enter the Aluminum bumper from Cooler Master. Light and Durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum is used for the iPhone 5 cover. Starting with aircraft grade aluminum, Cooler Master Machine, polish, and texture the surfaces of the bumper. This gives the Aluminum Bumper a near mirror finish.

The aluminum bumper made from light and tough Aircraft grade aluminum shields the iPhone 5 from dents, chips and scuffs. A crystalline diamond is used to make precise cut outs in the bumper. This gives full access to all iPhone 5’s buttons and clears the way for the antenna to transmit it’s full strength.

This sophisticated manufacturing process extends to how the pieces fit together. The bumper has a seamless slide-n-lock design that makes taking it on or off easy.

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