DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA Subscribers Exceed 40 Million

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced that subscribers to DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA service surpassed 40 million on September 29, 2007 in Japan, 11 months after topping 30 million in November 2006 and six years since the service’s launch in October 2001. DoCoMo, the world’s largest operator of 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA technology, attributes the strong popularity of its 3G high-speed, large-capacity data transmission service to a wide variety of discounts, such as “Pake-hodai” and “Pake-hodai Full” flat-rate data-communication billing plans, diverse content and services, such as “Deco-mail e-mails decorated with pictograms and other formatting and intuitive-motion “Chokkan Games”, as well as FOMA’s large lineup of handsets, broad coverage area and high-quality calls.

DoCoMo plans to provide HSDPA service, which provides significantly faster speeds than the conventional 3G FOMA service, available to 90 percent of the Japanese population.