Epson 3.5-Inch a-TFT LCD Featuring Photo Fine Vistarich Neo wide viewing angle technology

Epson today announced the development of a new 3.5-inch amorphous silicon TFT (a-TFT) liquid-crystal display (LCD) for use in mobile devices. This a-TFT LCD makes use of the company’s Photo Fine Vistarich Neo wide viewing angle technology, an evolution of its Photo Fine Vistarich technology with improved transmittance and contrast. The high-contrast LCD produces beautiful still and moving images even when viewed from the top, bottom, or sides at angles of up to 80 degrees. The display uses the Photo Fine Vistarich Neo technology, an evolution of the Epson’s existing wide angle viewing technology, to achieve improved brightness and transmittance and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 when viewed directly.

Epson Imaging Devices will exhibit this new LCD at the Epson Group booth at FPD International 2008, which will be held from October 29 to 31 at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. Epson will begin shipping samples of the new a-TFT LCD in February 2009.