Fujitsu announces BroadOne LTE Femtocell for Easy Indoor Wireless Communications

Fujitsu today announced the development of BroadOne LTE Femtocell, a compact indoor base station for the easy construction of high-bandwidth, high-quality indoor wireless communications environments. BroadOne LTE Femtocell deploys unique interference control technology that reduces signal interference between outdoor macrocell base stations and the femtocell, thereby enabling high-quality communications. When installing the LTE Femtocell, there is no need for mobile carriers to adjust the settings in their outdoor macrocell base stations because the LTE Femtocell itself includes technology that reduces interference.

With Fujitsu’s newly-released compact indoor base station, BroadOne LTE Femtocell, by simply connecting the device to a broadband connection, it can be immediately employed for the connection of up to eight handsets without requiring initial configuration. Fujitsu will be showcasing BroadOne LTE Femtocell at International CES(1) and Mobile World Congress.

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