Fujitsu Develops World’s Smallest and Most Efficient 12-W AC Adapter

Fujitsu announced the development of the world’s smallest, most efficient AC adapter, which uses gallium nitride (GaN) high electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) power devices for super-fast charging of smartphones and other mobile electronics. As mobile devices are built with increasing battery capacity, charging those batteries quickly becomes an issue, creating a demand for compact, high-output AC adapters. Fujitsu has used low dynamic resistance GaN-HEMT as the switching element, which is heavily effected by low-loss, to develop the world’s smallest and most efficient AC adapter. New circuitry that precisely controls switching timing reduces current loss, allowing for the world’s smallest 12-W AC adapter (15.6-cc) and the world’s most efficient power supply at 87%.

World's_Smallest_12-W AC Adapter_diagramUsing GaN-HEMT has made it possible to have small, high-speed switching as well as achieve low-resistance and improved energy efficiency. With this technology, AC adapters charging mobile electronics will consume half the power and will be able to charge in one-third of the time. Widespread use of this AC adapter will help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce burden on the environment.

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