Fujitsu smartphone F-03D for Girls is equipped with makeup, fashion and nail applications

Fujitsu’s new smartphone, docomo with series F-03D for Girls will be available from NTT DoCoMo, throughout Japan beginning January 20, 2012. F-03D for Girls has been designed in collaboration with Popteen, a popular Japanese fashion magazine for teenage girls. Popteen’s cute designs have been integrated into the smartphone, such as the home key’s ribbon motif that is popular with girls, and the heart-shaped lace pattern around the camera. In addition, several different original phone covers are included, so users can enjoy dressing up their smartphone according to their mood.

Fujitsu F-03D for girls smartphone is equipped with makeup, fashion, and nail applications that make being stylish even more fun. Furthermore, application ranking support allows users to instantly obtain the most popular applications. It comes preinstalled with a large selection of adorable Deco-mail pictograms from popular Deco-mail sites. Users can also create their own original handwritten Deco-mail, as well as original fonts.

Fujitsu F-03D for girls smartphone comes equipped with the Beauty Body Clinic feature, which monitors body posture using Fujitsu’s sensing technology. Presenting advice under the supervision of the Miss Universe Japan Beauty School, a stretching and training exercise menu helps users keep their bodies in top shape.

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The Sukkiri Alarm Clock feature, which combines an accelerometer with a microphone, monitors users’ body movements, breathing patterns, and wakefulness while they are asleep. When sleep is detected to be at its lightest point, the alarm is activated thus enabling users to start the day refreshed and looking their best. Sukkiri means refreshed in English.
F-03D for Girls smartphone is water-resistant and equipped with one-segment TV broadcast, mobile wallet (Osaifu Keitai), infrared communication function, and an electronic dictionary. The rounded casing of the smartphone is made to fit perfectly in the hands of young teenage girls. Easy to operate with one hand, the smartphone is 59mm in width.

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