Fujitsu announces DoCoMo STYLE series F-05C mobile phone with a slide-screen configuration

Fujitsu today announced that its new DoCoMo STYLE series F-05C mobile phone will be available from NTT DoCoMo, beginning February 18, 2011, in Japan. The F-05C is a compact and easy-to-carry mobile phone with a slide-screen configuration that is enhanced by the luminescent Kuru-kuru (swivel) Key that makes selecting pictographs and scrolling through pages with long script both quick and effortless, even when the mobile phone is closed. Equipped with a 1.3 megapixel interior camera, the F-05C allows users to take self-portraits and decorate the photo with a selection of stamps and frames using the attached touch pen. The 5.1 megapixel exterior camera is equipped with a variety of photography support features such as the Smile Finder and automatic scene recognition.

The F-05C enables users to operate the mobile phone, even when closed, with the Kuru-kuru (swivel) key. The world-popular animated character of MOOMIN is included with the Kisekae Tool, Deco-mail pictographs, and Deco-mail pictures. The phone also comes preinstalled with a total of 2,000 kinds of Deco-mail pictograms. The Fujitsu F-05C allows users to pre-set the mailing dates and times of e-mails through a convenient scheduling feature. The Fujitsu F-05C is available in three color variations: Silky White, Rose Gold, and Mat Black.