Fujitsu ICIC technology for LTE Base Stations enables uninterrupted high-quality video delivery from any location

Fujitsu today announced the development of a proprietary inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) technology that eliminates signal interference at cell-edge areas covered by base stations of the cutting-edge long-term evolution (LTE) mobile phone system. The new technology is able to autonomously allocate frequency bands in order to reduce radio-wave interference in accordance with user distribution around cell-edge areas of overlapping cells of each adjacent base station. By deploying this technology to base stations, it is possible to double throughput at cell-edge areas, which would otherwise experience reduced transmission speeds due to signal interference.

This improvement in throughput will make it possible for users to enjoy services—such as high-quality video content delivery—from any location without interruption. In the future, amid increasing volumes of mobile communications traffic, technologies for reducing signal interference at cell-edge areas will be crucial in allowing users to enjoy seamless mobile broadband services from any location.