Fujitsu MB86K23- WiMAX Baseband Device for Mobile PCs

Fujitsu today announces the MB86K23, a Mobile WiMAX baseband device targeting the expanding mobile PC market. Fujitsu MB86K23 allows a 60% reduction in chip-set area compared to its predecessor. When combined into a chip-set with FME’s RF device, MB86K52, and power management device, MB39C316, very small form-factors can be realised – 20 x 40mm for WiMAX USB dongles or 30 x 26.8mm for PCI Express Half-Mini Cards containing both WiMAX and Wi-Fi functionality. The use of 65nm process technology in the manufacture of the MB86K23 enables a 36% reduction in power consumption during operation compared to the MB86K21.

Mobile WiMAX is the highly anticipated next-generation broadband wireless technology, with service having started in the USA in 2008, and planned to start in Japan and Taiwan during 2009. With the expansion of the WiMAX service area, anywhere, anytime, high-speed Internet access will become a reality. In the near future, it is expected that mobile PCs will come with WiMAX functionality built-in as standard. Sample shipments of the MB86K23 will commence from April 2009.