GPS phone in Korea helps golfers to aim their tee-shots like Tiger Woods!

KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel) will help golfers to aim their tee-shots better with its phones equipped with a virtual golf caddy program. The option allows its users to measure the distance from the tee box to their current positions or from their current positions to the cup. For this, the phones carry the geographic information of some 250 golf courses in Korea and receive real-time data from satellites, the company said.
Though the golf phones may look unprofessional compared to caddies on the golf courses, they actually provide accurate measures. According to KTF the system has a 5-meter accuracy range in most cases. It also shows the location of fairways, greens, sand bunkers and water hazards. Only two models are currently available but more will come to the market soon, the firm said.

KTF said it also plans to expand the service to other countries in the future, since WCDMA phones can also be used in other nations such as China and the Philippines, two favored destinations of Korean golf lovers. The firm didn’t specify when it would be.