Huawei completes world’s first advanced Active Antenna System Trial with Deutsche Telekom

Huawei today announced the successful completion of the world’s first advanced LTE Active Antenna System (AAS) on an LTE trial network for Deutsche Telekom in Germany. The AAS demonstrated active vertical beam forming based on unique, advanced Huawei technologies that allow for data throughput gains of up to 70%. AAS significantly improves network data throughput performance while modernizing whole radio site deployments. Huawei’s AAS solution integrates the active transceiver array with the passive antenna array to reduce cable loss and significantly simplify site engineering.

The solution also takes full advantage of the spatial domain to boost radio access network capacity and coverage. Deutsche Telekom has selected Huawei SingleRAN LTE as a solution to deploy a 1.8 GHz LTE network in several German cities. The world’s first AAS LTE trial was based on Huawei’s AAS solution, which improves user experience with respect to achievable download speeds.

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