Huawei unveils innovative LampSite solution for deep indoor coverage at MWC2013

Huawei today unveiled its new LampSite indoor coverage solution at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. Using TD-LTE technology, the solution is easy to deploy, provides high capacity, and supports O&M visibility as well as multiple bands and modes to realize ubiquitous mobile connectivity. Demand for a high-speed, high-volume data experience is growing as more and more subscribers are introduced to the possibilities of using LTE TDD mobile networks with their smartphones. Obstacles to ensuring the best experience are typically found in providing mobile broadband coverage indoors. Huawei’s LampSite solution quickly and effectively solves this indoor coverage problem to provide the best big data experience.

LampSite includes a comprehensive set of BBU, RemoteHUB(rHUB) and PicoRRU(pRRU) products along with accompanying transmission solutions. The compact pRRU supports multiple bands and modes and can simultaneously support LTE TDD, LTE FDD, UMTS and GSM. A LampSite indoor coverage network can also be deployed simultaneously with Huawei’s SingleRAN solution. Thanks to BBU’s baseband sharing feature, one fiber is used for several cells, saving up to 87% of fiber typically used for indoor deployments. LampSite is a part of Huawei’s SoftMobile solution for strengthening MBB pipe profitability, wireless network performance and user experience with ocean-like broadband, on-demand and orchestrated network capabilities.

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