IOGEAR GearJuice Rescue Charger –for instant energy charge of your cell phone

Now, people on-the-go can quickly boost their mobile devices when they need them most with IOGEAR’s GearJuice – Rescue Charger GMP3001W6, an ultra portable, light-weight emergency power source. The device operates on one AA battery, providing an instant energy charge no matter which part of the earth you’re at the moment. The IOGEAR GearJuice – Rescue Charger powers cell phones and other devices with an additional 15 minutes of talk time and usage, saving individuals from losing connectivity. GearJuice – Rescue Charger’s compact design makes it easy to carry in a backpack or pocket during camping, boating and hiking trips, in case of an urgent situation when power is a must.

The GearJuice – Rescue Charger can not only help you get that all important phone call through, it is also capable of powering other devices whenever juice runs dangerously low with nary a power outlet in sight. The IOGEAR GearJuice – Rescue Charger (GMP3001W6) is available for approximately $11.99 with a one-year warranty.