Japan Display develops 8.0-inch ultra-high definition display

Japan Display has developed an 8-inch 4k LCD display that paves the way for 4K2K devices for single person use. 4K2K is a next-generation high-definition standard for offering clear images. It also supports features required by mobile applications – namely, low power consumption, a light and thin body and a slim border, meaning that most of the front face is devoted to the screen. Japan Display 8-inch 4k LCD display has a finger touch function upgraded to enable smooth entry with a one-millimeter fine stylus or brush.

These features have been achieved thanks to JDI’s original low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology, IPS-NEO that has widened the color reproduction range to 95% of NTSC, WhiteMagic that has been advanced through the local dimming backlight, and Pixel Eyeswhich has high resolution capabilities.

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