Kyocera begins construction of a third manufacturing facility at its Kyoto Ayabe complex in Japan

KyoceraKyocera will begin construction this week on a third manufacturing facility at its Kyoto Ayabe complex in Ayabe City, Kyoto Pref., Japan. The new facility will produce miniaturized, low-profile organic packages to house microelectronic devices used inside smartphones, tablet PCs and related mobile communications equipment. Kyocera’s microelectronic packaging technology can facilitate higher functionality, greater integration and slimmer designs in mobile communications equipment.

The market for Kyocera’s package products is expected to grow as consumer devices incorporate multiple internal modules for camera, wireless, power amplifier and control functions. The expanding IoT (Internet of Things) trend is expected to generate new applications for Kyocera products as wireless chips and sensor chips are increasingly modularized into packaging solutions based on organic material technology. Kyocera’s second facility at Kyoto Ayabe was added in the summer of 2014, and the third, targeted for completion in December 2016.

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