LG announces production of curved batteries for next-generation digital devices

LG Chem has been producing curved batteries since July this year at its plant in the Chinese city of Nanjing. These curved batteries are already being used to power LG G2 smartphones. This advancement is going to help LG to take the lead over its rivals in the race for next-generation digital devices. As curved batteries are totally new but strongly required for the lucrative flexible smartphones, LG will have a lot of business opportunities. LG’s future batteries are categorized as stepped battery, curved battery and cable battery.

By adopting LG’s stack and folding technology, it can build batteries that will fit inside phones, watches and glasses for smart devices.The announcement comes a day after LG Display confirmed production of curved OLED display for curved smartphones. The LG Display-manufactured panels are built using plastic instead of glass. They are bendable and unbreakable displays. LG Display is the primary display supplier for Apple. It is currently unclear whether or not Apple will be releasing i-products by using curved displays and batteries.

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