LG canU701D phone sold out within 5 minutes

LGA.jpgLG Telecom announced that their CAN U DMB handset model: canU701D was sold out within 2 hours of its launch in Korea. LG has reserved 160 pieces of these exclusive handsets for sale on the first day. All these sets were sold within 2 hours while few sets with a particular artist painting was sold within 5 minutes .LG CAN U DMB phone is designed by 10 famous cartoonists and painters. The handsets are sold with different artist work on different days so that consumers get a chance to buy a handset with their favorite artists work on it.

LG CAN U DMB is the 6th model of CAN U series and is equipped with a large 2.6 inch screen and a better camera. LG CAN U DMB is scheduled to be released on March., for approximately KRW500, 000 ($535).