LG Chocolate LG-BL-40 boasts a distinctive 4.0-inch wide screen with 800 by 345 pixel resolution

LG officially revealed today the full image and key specifications of the new LG Chocolate phone-LG-BL40. The fourth handset of the Black Label Series boasts a distinctive 4.0-inch wide screen high-definition LCD with an 800 by 345 pixel resolution for a superb viewing quality. The wide screen breaks away from conventional screen designs with a 21:9 aspect ratio for a panoramic, cinema-like quality and optimal mobile computing experience. The wide HD LCD Real VGA screen provides a full range of natural colors for displayed images, making photos more crisp, videos more true-to-life, games more dynamic and documents more readable.

The 4.0-inch display also features a Dual Screen UI that can efficiently display two different types of content simultaneously. The new LG Chocolate’s wide screen is overlaid with curved tempered glass and is seamlessly encased in a glossy black finish and iconic red highlights. The new LG Chocolate LG-BL40 will be available beginning Q3 in 54 countries .