LG to launch world’s first transparent keypad-equipped mobile phone this month

LG will release the world’s first transparent keypad-equipped mobile phone Crystal (LG-GD900), starting next month, in 40 countries, including the regions of Europe and Asia. Besides the main feature, a transparent keypad, the 3-inch LCD has adopted a full touch-screen phone offers the “Gesture Shortcut” function. With this shortcut, if users set “M” to music playing, users can play music by simply pressing “M” on the transparent keypad, regardless of which other icons are pushed. The transparent phone also features a “touch wheel”, “writing recognition”, and vibration feedback.

The LG-GD900 adopts a 3D S-Class user interface, which is designed to enhance the advantages of the touch-screen and eliminate unnecessary menus and steps with a cube-based layout that provides four customizable home screens. Other features include an 8-megapiexel camera, MP3 player, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support for up to 32GB of external memory.