LG to Showcase Prada Phone in Korea

LG Electronics is going to show off its highly-anticipated Prada phone in Korea even though it’s not ready for sale here yet. LG will showcase the high-end Prada handset (LG-SB310/LB3100) on Thursday at the 2007 Korea IT Show in COEX, Seoul.The stylish Prada Phone has caught a lot of attention both in Korea and abroad since it debuted overseas in January. LG teamed up with Italian fashion label Prada to create a totally new device from design to marketing. The phone features a multi-touch 3-inch screen and no key pad or menu buttons.

The Korean version of the eye-catching Prada Phone will come with some unique features. It will include a high-tech terrestrial DMB function that will let users change the screen ratio with a single touch, from the usual 4:3 ratio to the 16:9 wide-screen.