MagnaChip AMOLED Display Solution for High Performance Mobile Phone Displays

MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd announced the launch of its optimized Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode(AMOLED) solution, designed for use in the displays of high performance mobile phones. Embedded with EEPROM, it controls RGB gamma, oscillator frequency and internal power. The MDDI interface of Qualcomm allows for high speed data transmission. This solution also offers longer battery life time, due to a special feature that adjusts screen brightness automatically. Further, the solution offers an RGB-separated gamma adjustment, which provides superior, stable color display, and as a result, more natural still images and video images.

Magna AMOLED Display supporting WQVGA, 240×432 resolution and 262K colors, is designed to meet the specific requirements of display panels for mobile TV phones and multimedia phones and is expected to be ready for mass production this month. MagnaChip Semiconductor is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of mixed-signal and digital multimedia semiconductors addressing the convergence of consumer electronics and communications devices.