Melty Phones combine gossip and chocolate

I find cell phones a tad tiresome and I never seem to keep a track of mine which leads to a lot of complaining from my friends and loved ones. However, my sweet tooth goes absolutely bonkers over chocolate. That’s why something like these Melty Chocolate Phones from Japanese designer Q-Pot will make me hold on to my phone. I’m absolutely floored looking at the Melty Bitter (brown), and Melty Strawberry (pink) phones which have a 3D effect chocolate case, chocolate themed menus and wallpapers, and packaging just like your favorite Belgian pralines. It doesn’t get any better than texting on chocolate phones without adding any calories. The phone has an 8MP camera emblazoned with the words “give me a sweet smile”, a 3 inch screen, and a Japanese system TV tuner. There will only be 13,000 units, so you are going to have to hurry.

Via – [Gizmodiva]