Mitsubishi Electric develops worlds smallest and efficient multi-band power amplifier

Mitsubishi Electric announced today that it has developed a 3GPP-compliant, six-band power amplifier to enable automatic band switching and seamless international roaming with a single mobile device. The unit’s power-added efficiency rating of 40% is one of the world’s highest for a multi-band power amplifier, and its package is among the world’s smallest at 3mm x 3mm x 1mm, which will lead to mobile devices offering longer battery life and reduced size.

Mitsubishi Electric’s six-band power amplifier addresses several important needs in wireless communication. The increase in wireless traffic due to proliferating smartphones requires mobile devices increasingly to locate and switch to available frequencies when other bands are overloaded. Automatic band switching is also necessary for international roaming. In addition, the use of multiple amplifiers, each dedicated to a certain frequency band, forces mobile devices to devote more space to additional circuitry.

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