Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 25Gbps DFB Laser for Mobile Networks

Mitsubishi Electric will begin shipping a 25Gbps distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode for optical transmission between base stations and central offices in radio access networks within mobile telecommunication systems on September 1. The 25Gbps distributed feedback laser diode’s enhanced structure enables an extra-high transmission rate and industry-leading temperature range (-20℃ to +85℃). Transceivers incorporating the new DFB laser can operate outdoors without a cooling system.

Since no driver IC is used, the size (φ5.6mm) is the same as that of a 10Gbps DFB laser. Communication equipment transceivers for next-generation mobile networks must support 25Gbps transmissions, wide-ranging outdoor weather conditions and compactness. In response, Mitsubishi Electric’s new TO-CAN DFB laser offers 25Gbps modulation, an industry-leading operating temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius and a package size that meets the SFP28 standard for 25Gbps compact transceivers.

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