Mobile Technika Mobby Talk253 high-performance Wi-Fi Phone

Mobby Talk253 from Mobile Technika is a high-performance Wi-Fi phone with low power consumption through its superior power management capability- continuous talk time 300 minutes and 180 hours stand by. Mobby Talk253 uses a high-quality software codec for excellent speech quality. The Mobby Talk253 supports safe and portable extension calls through a virtual private network as well as information exchange in voice-disabled areas. It can also be used for groupware-based schedule management; integration with security systems via RF tags; and emergency calls from office computers.

The Wi-Fi handset is equipped with a 2.0-inch LCD that can display up to 65,536 colors (176×220pixel). The Mobby Talk253 from Mobile Technika measures 98.0×47.6×28.2mm (closed), weighs 110g and is slated for Japanese release in August for approximately 12,000 yen ($97).