Motorola Motorokr EM35 for an Exceptional Audio Experience for Music and Talk

Motorola Motorokr EM35 is designed for supreme audio performance both as a mobile device and music player, EM35 delivers an exceptional audio experience for both music and talk.With virtual surround sound and an abundance of top features, the Motorola EM35 is perfect for the consumer looking to receive the highest multimedia and sound performance. When listening with earphones, a unique algorithm enables music to sound as if it is playing in the space around your head, rather than inside of your eardrums, enhancing the way you listen to music. Rokr EM35 is a robust music player with a full suite of dedicated keys to easily launch and control music. Whether listening via the built-in dual speakers, stereo Bluetooth wireless technology or 3.5mm stereo wired headphones, the EM35 rocks.

EM35 amplifies your conversations and helps reduce background noise with CrystalTalk technology, so virtually nothing comes between you and your call. Compatibility with Windows Media Player 11 gives the freedom to manage music on the PC and discover new music by downloading it from a PC to the phone from more than 200 on-line music stores worldwide. The integrated FM antenna enables FM radio to be played over stereo Bluetooth or external stereo speakers without the use of a headset. Motorola Motorokr EM35 is expected to be available later this quarter.