MxL7001 world’s smallest silicon tuner for mobile TV

The MxL7001 from UMC and MaxLinear Inc is the world’s smallest silicon tuner produced to date for mobile TV applications such as digital TV (ISDB-T) on cell phones. The MxL7001 is a 1.9mm x 1.9mm single-die, digital CMOS IC that is at the foundation of a family of MaxLinear products supporting mobile TV standards worldwide. The device is 1/10th the packaged area of MaxLinear’s MxL5000-family ICs (6mm x 6mm) which set the previous record for small size, low power, and superior performance. Using a standard digital CMOS process technology, the MxL7001 consumes only 65mW of power, reducing battery draw and minimizing heat dissipation — two very important criteria for mobile TV applications.

The highly integrated MxL7001 supports both ISDB-T 1-segment and 3-segment applications. MxL7001 eliminates the need for an external balun, SAW filters and IF amplifier, which reduces both board footprint and BOM costs.