NEC CE143 offers mobile phones to output Full-HD video stream retrieved by the CMOS sensor

NEC SoC product CE143 enables camera-equipped mobile phones to provide clear and high-quality images comparable to digital still cameras (DSCs). The new NEC product offers mobile phones to output Full-HD (1080p) video stream and still image data up to 12 Megapixels retrieved by the CMOS sensor. The NEC CE143 also incorporates proven, state-of-the-art image stabilizing and optical compensation technologies that can be found in the high-end DSCs to produce crystal-clear, well-balanced digital photos.

In 2007, NEC Electronics commercialized CE131, which enabled the 8-Megapixel mobile phone segment with accumulated shipment exceeding 15 million units. To continue the success of CE131, CE143 pushes the envelope of providing supreme picture quality, performance, and functions for still images and video data.
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