NEC develops World’s most efficient transmitter amplifiers for mobile terminal base stations

NEC announced today the successful development of one of the world’s most efficient transmitter amplifiers for mobile terminal base stations, a 2.1GHz model that produces 45W of output power per 100W of power consumption. Transmitter amplifiers are devices that increase the strength of RF signals transmitted from base stations to remote terminals. NEC produced these latest amplifiers by adopting high performance and highly reliable RF transistor technologies, in addition to independently optimizing Doherty RF circuitry with harmonic tuning. These innovations are accredited with NEC’s successful creation of amplifiers with one of the world’s highest efficiency levels, 45%.

Transmitter amplifiers are essential to the performance of mobile terminal base stations, and telecom operators may now anticipate meaningful cost reductions from the introduction of this new technology. Mobile terminal base stations fitted with the latest transmitter amplifiers are expected to be significantly smaller and to consume less power than existing equipment, which decreases the space required for storing units, time needed to assemble the stations, and simplifies maintenance. NEC plans to begin shipment of the new transmitter amplifier, installed within LTE equipment, by the end of 2009.