NEC Receives World’s First IMS-Based Femtocell System Order

NEC has received an order from Softbank Mobile Corp. for the world’s first IMS-based (IP Multimedia Subsystem) femtocell system. IMS-based femtocell systems consist of IMS Cores, femtocell gateways and femtocell access points. Softbank Mobile completed development of a commercial system in June of this year and has already begun trial. The company plans to have IMS-based femtocell systems prepared for full commercial use commencing in January 2009.

Femtocells are low-power wireless access points that operate in licensed spectrum to connect standard mobile devices to a mobile operator’s network using residential DSL or cable broadband connections. Femtocell technologies enable expanded indoor use of mobile phones where radio waves traditionally have difficulty reaching, and facilitate new data services and deliver self-contained high-speed broadband communications to individual households.