New Mobile Service Eliminates Background Noise in crowded places!

SK Telecom announced the launch of a new cell phone service eliminates surrounding noises for improved voice communications. With the new cell phone service, cell phone users will be able to enjoy mobile voice service not disturbed by background noises even at such crowded places as subways, department stores or karaoke. SK Telecom is a South Korean mobile telecommunications operator, controlled by the SK Group, one of Korea’s largest chaebol. As a part of SK Group, SK stands for Sun Kyung.

SK Telecom is a provider of mobile service in Korea, with 50.5% of the market share as of 2008. Since being established on March 29, 1984 the company evolved from a first generation analogue cellular system, to second generation CDMA, then to the world’s first third generation synchronized IMT-2000 cellular system. SK Telecom also became the world’s first to commercialize HSDPA in May, 2006.