NTT DoCoMo FOMA HT1100 Smartphone

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today the development of smart phone FOMA HT1100 equipped with the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Japanese-edition operating system. The FOMA HT1100 allow users to interface with PCs through proven applications such as Outlook Mobile and Internet Explorer Mobile, while the scalable plug-in environment means access to a growing number of applications. The HSDPA-capable handsets employ McAfee security scan to ensure high-speed, protected browsing of PC websites and email management. The security scan function identifies and isolates malicious data before it is downloaded.
The FOMA HT1100, targeted at active business consumers who also want a handset for personal use, will feature HTC’s stylish and versatile TouchFLO Touch Cube 3-dimentional interface that allows users to access and operate a variety of functions with the slide of a thumb. Audio visual files, such as YouTube Mobile content, can be enjoyed using Streaming Media software and HTC’s Audio Manager music player. The FOMA HT1100 supports DoCoMo’s WORLD WING international roaming service.

Data entry on the FOMA HT1100 is accomplished with a standard ten-key input layout — as such this handset combines smartphone capability with mobile phone convenience. DoCoMo plans to begin market the handset FOMA HT1100 during the first quarter of calendar year 2008