OKI LDO regulator for mobile devices reduces power consumption by 80-90% in standby mode!

Oki today announced the launch of 8 new models of power management LSIs suitable for mobile devices. Mobile devices, such as mobile phones, are becoming sophisticated with built-in camera, music player, TV tuner for one-segment broadcasting and capability for handling electronic money— all of which require longer batter life. OKI’s news LDO regulator provides power consumption of 50-100nA in standby mode and 3-12µA in no-load mode. This is an 80-90% reduction in power consumption compared to the industry standard, and is ideal for sophisticated mobile devices. The efficiency of OKI’s step-down DC/DC converter is 95% at an output current of 500mA, which is higher than conventional converters, thus offering an attractive solution as the main power supply for digital still cameras.

The new OKI LSIs which will be available from January, 2008, provide low power consumption, low noise and high efficiency.