OKI mobile phone issues alert when pedestrian and vehicle are close to each other

Oki exhibited a communication device based on the DSRC, a standard for inter-vehicle communications, and can be carried by pedestrians at Wireless Japan 2008, which runs from July 22 to 24, 2008, at Tokyo Big Sight. The Oki communication device can issue alerts when a pedestrian carrying the device comes close to a vehicle equipped with a DSRC-based automotive communication device. The alerts are issued by both pedestrian’s and vehicle’s devices to inform that they are too close to each other. By using DSRC for communications, the system based on the new device will not require communication charges.

Oki prototyped the device based on a mobile phone developed by Paragon Wireless of China. The prototype uses Oki’s automotive communication LSI, ML9536, for the DSRC module. Also, equipped with GPS functionality, the device is expected to be used for exchanging positional information in the future. The power consumption of the Oki device is 10mW, and the communication distance is about 100m. It measures 52 x 92 x 29mm.