One million Samsung Galaxy S2 sold in Korea in one month

Samsung has sold more than one million units of the Galaxy S2 smartphone in the Korean market since its launch a month ago. The sale figure only accounts for the number of smartphones that were sold to wireless carriers and not consumers. This means that the number of Galaxy S2 sold may very well exceed the carrier’s sale figure. The Galaxy S2 smartphone is Samsung’s fastest-selling phone, reaching the milestone in less than half the 70 days it took the original Galaxy S to hit the mark. The Galaxy S2 debuted in Korea in late April and sold 100,000 units in just three days, 200,000 in eight days and half a million in 18 days.

The Galaxy S2 handsets are being produced at seven plants in five countries including Korea, China, Vietnam and Brazil. The plant in Gumi, North Gyeongsayng Province, which has the highest production capacity, is responsible for domestic supply. The Galaxy S2 is giving the iPhone 4 a run for its money with only 300,000 sold in Korea during the same period.

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