Panasonic Begins Delivery of P905i mobile phones to NTT DoCoMo

Panasonic has begun shipments of its P905i mobile phones to NTT DoCoMo, Inc.Combining the design concept of Panasonic large-screen flat-panel TV ‘VIERA’ and its high-quality picture technologies, P905i is named ‘VIERA Keitai’ to satisfy its requirements which are high-quality picture equivalent to VIERA, style best suited to watch ‘One-Segment’ mobile TV, and links to VIERA. The Panasonic P905i adopts new styles which allows the user to open vertically as a phone by its one-push open button, or horizontally to open and watch “One-Segment” mobile TV on the wide screen or to play games or to access to the Internet using both hands.The handset employs Panasonic original high-resolution engine, “Mobile PEAKS PROCESSORTM” that achieves a high contrast ratio of 2000:1, enabling the user to enjoy vivid and high quality “One-Segment” mobile TV and motion pictures.

In addition to advanced features as the NTT DoCoMo’s 905i series such as 3G/GSM international roaming, HSDPA and GPS location information, the Panasonic P905i mobile phone has various fun functions such as autofocus 5.1 megapixels camera with six-axis image stabilizer and link functions to audio and visual equipment of Panasonic.