Panasonic UniPhier-based Mobile Phone Chip reduces power consumption of a mobile phone by 25%

Panasonic MN2CS0038 (nicknamed the UniPhier 4MBB+) is a mobile phone LSI based on its UniPhier digital audio/visual equipment platform. In addition to the communication function, the new Panasonic LSI integrates application functions such as graphics rendering, 1seg reception and audio/visual content playback into a single chip. The LSI was manufactured by using the 45nm process and is composed of 280 million transistors. Panasonic MN2CS0038 reduces the power consumption of a mobile phone by approximately 25% and the footprint by about 40%. The communication function supports 7.2Mbps W-CDMA/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS standards.

Panasonic MN2CS0038 is provided in a 563-pin plastic chip size package (PCSP) with the PoP structure. Panasonic would start shipping samples in late July 2008.